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Training through trust builds confidence in the experience.

Equine Training

Lesson Programs

We strive to help our clients achieve foundational riding & relational horsemanship skills with our number one priority being safety for both the horse and rider. Our goal is to prepare our clients for their desired discipline through relationship building and better understanding of the equine nature. Wether your looking to develop your confidence in & out of the saddle, returning from a traumatic experience, building trust with your horse that can conquer any fear trigger or taking your relationship to the next level with bridle-less, obstacle, stunt or liberty training, our individually customized programs is right for you. Our onsite lessons include one of our safe and tested equine teacher to help enhance your learning experience haul horse to the farm and make use of our stunning facility with one-on-one coaching from our certified riding instructors.

  • Beginners to Advanced

  • Riding Program ages 6-99

  • The Art of Relational Horsemanship

  • Balanced Riding - Foundational Dressage

  • Liberty & Beyond

  • Bridless, Obstacle & Stunt training - the their practical applications

  • Safe Trail Riding practices & prep.

  • Fear and Trauma Rehab - for both the horse & rider


Lesson Packages Prices

                                              Onsite Private: Lesson with Our horses  (60 min)                                $55

                                                                             4 Lesson Package (once a week/month)                     $200

                                                                             8 Lesson Package (twice a week/month)                    $400

                                                                             Private Haul in (Includes $5 ring fee)                           $45


OFF Property Lessons: $40/Lesson + Travel Fee

Minimal Off lesson slots available.  

Prices subject to travel fee which can be split between clients at the same facility. 

Intro - Pony 


Intro to Pony - Package (30min)

Ages 2-7years old


Our into to pony package is perfect for any little one wanting to have their first introduction to the wonderful world of ponies. These lessons are 30 minutes long and include;  walking the pony, brushing and lead line riding lessons. 

We believe that its fundamentally important to foster the love of horses through safe experiences when children are at the young age. Our Pony lesson teachers are specifically trained and tested as SUPER kid safe teachers. These packages can be split between 2 siblings if the full 30 minutes is to much for very young aged children.

4 Pony Sessions - Package                $100

Month - Month Equine Training & Board

Our Month - Month Training & Board Package is customized to your horse and your future goals. We strongly believe in a No-Fear & relational horsemanship style training style to help your horse build trust and confidence in their training as well as people. We believe in a  whole horse approach and ensure to take care of the physical and emotional needs of your horse so as to help shape them into a willing partner. Owners are encouraged to participate during sessions to help both the person and the horse with transitioning back to their regular lives after training.

  • Include ONE Consult & off site Lesson

  • Full Board

  • One Month customized training plan. 



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