Our Team

The Bigger the dream the more important the team!

Marylin Anderson

Owner of Huckleberry Hollow Horse Co.

Certified Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator

Certified Riding Instructer & Relational Horsemanship Specialist 

Personal Development & Empowerment Facilitator

Trained in non-violent Crisis Intervention

Mary’s passion for horses started at a very young age while growing up on a working cattle ranch in the interior of BC, Canada. After moving to Kelowna in 2000, she turn in her spurs and decided to dive head first in to a number of different equestrian pursuits; dressage, jumping, trail guide, polo, trick training and horsemanship. She found her greatest learning and growth came from the blunt, in the moment and straight forward honesty with which horses communicated with. From one passion was born another, as learning to be more present in the moment, also allowed her to see the beauty in people around her; their qualities and flaws a like.  This led her into a careers where she could help, motivate and inspire people to be better versions of themselves and learn their true potential! Working with at-risk youth just helped solidify her resolve to pursue her dreams. It became apparent to her that she was destined to find a way to bring the gifts horses can provide from a learning and personal growth stand point to her clients and the public.


    “ There is something to be said about people and animals finding you right when you needed them the most. Sometime's it was

        obvious and some times I did not discover until much later what a gift I was given by those encounters. Each had purpose and

        I am so thankful for every one of them.“


In 2014, after the birth of her second child, Mary decided to leave her government career to jump into the equestrian world full time as a riding instructor and trainer. It became increasingly parent just how important the horse to human relationship was to achieve a complete connection. No matter the sport or style of riding her clients enjoyed, relational horsemanship came to the forefront of her training technique.


In 2016 Mary and her husband, Cody, stumbled upon a serene 10 acre parcel in the Joe Rich Valley of Kelowna, BC. Becoming a certified Facilitator with the Equine Connection was the next logical step. With a diverse background in business, team building and youth programs combined with her life long experience in the equine industry, specializing in relational horsemanship, Mary strives to provide a unique experience for her clients and participants. She greatly enjoys facilitating programs that allow people find their sense of purpose, empower growth and personal development. The doors are always open here at the farm for anyone looking to achieve more in their life, equine passion, school or career. 

Cody Anderson

Owner of Huckleberry Hollow Horse Co.

Facility Maintenance and Equipment Operator

On site First Aid Attendant (Career Fire Fighter)


Cody is and avid outdoorsman and a career fire fighter of over 15 years. He and Mary met in 2008 at which time Cody discovered that horses could help him relax after a long stressful shift. As well as deciding to tackle their combined goal of owning a farm in the future, he was an limitless well of support and encouragement for his wife's horse passion. Cody now finds enjoyment in exploring the back country on his paint mare, Skye, the second most important lady in his life. 


After purchasing Huckleberry Hollow in 2016, Cody became immersed in the planning and building of the facility. Putting his diverse skill set to use, he spends his days off from his full time career; designing, building and maintaining the farm. Without his vital contributions, ability to learn and master just about any skill and constant dedication to supporting his wife and building up Huckleberry Hollow Horse Co., This dream would not be a reality.


The Equine Dream Team


Eros is a 2003 Trakhner gelding who is a retired dressage and demo horse and now spend his day as one of our main E.A.L teachers. He has been with Mary since 2005 and was retired after a serious trauma to his hind legs. Eros enjoys spending time with our clients and is especially talented at teaching the subtle art of light pressure. 

Calm, Quiet & Confident



Charlie is a halfling mare in her mid teens and who is both a E.A.L. Teacher and Lesson Horse. As a teacher Charlie is slow and patient with our participants. As a lesson horse she is perfect for our more advanced students. Charlie is deceiving, as her athletic ability under saddle is contrary to her stout build.

Herd Boss



Merlin is a 2015 Welsh Cob Gelding. He joined our team in early 2019 after having been passed around through multiple homes due to his fear of people. Merlin is currently in training and will be used in our youth programs to help teach the importance of trust and relationship. He is at the core, a kind and gentle horse who has just needed a chance.

Body Language Coach



Ana is a 2017 Cream Lusitano mare. She is stoic and kind in nature and will make an exceptional unflappable E.A.L. Teacher in the future. At the moment she is undergoing basic ground work and just enjoying life as our herd youngster.

Teach *In-Training*



Freya is a 20+ year old Welsh Pony mare and the soul mate to the youngest of the Anderson Clan. Her age withstanding, Freya still exhibits a spark that is so common to the welsh breed. As a lesson horse she is safe and steady for our little riders and as a E.A.L. Teacher she enjoys challenging our participants to stay in the moment!

A bit of spice & everything nice!



Skye is a 2014 Paint mare and the second lady in Cody's life.  She is exceptional at teaching clear 

boundaries and body language to our clients both in lessons and our programs. Her gentle and quiet nature helps put even the most nervous participant at easy. She is also the mom of our in trainee - Rio.



Steapel Clothing-2_edited_edited.png

Amigo is a teenage miniature gelding that joined our team late 2018. He was rescued by the O.S.O.N.F.C. and after and extensive hoof rehab he now calls Huckleberry Hollow, home. Given Amigos stature and quiet energy, he is our go to horse for our anxious participants. If your have always wanted to experience horses yet find your self scared..... then this your guy.

Small & hairy ball of love



Rio, our herd baby, is a 2018 Azteca Colt that was the first horse born here at Huckleberry Hollow. He is extremely social and the farm except artist. You can find him out and about on the farm or joining in to all the programs, on his own accord. His interactive nature will make him an ideal E.A.L. Teacher in the future.

Teacher *In-Training*


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